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How to rid your fridge (and home) of kimchi stink

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010


As much as we adore kimchi over here at Kimchi Headquarters, we prefer to keep the delicious aroma confined to the jar or the bowl. In fact, at home we have been dehydrating our own kimchi to enjoy as a crispy, non-smelly, on-the-go snack. The food dehydrator sucks that hot stank right out of the kimchi… and distributes it throughout the building. So much for confining the smell…

We’re not big fans of masking the smell (we’d need a pretty big mask, anyway, hardee har har), but through the power of the internet we have discovered a few good odor neutralizing ideas. The always witty parenting blog, Kimchi Mamas, has a helpful comment thread devoted to reducing the kimchi smell in your fridge, including this nifty Hippo the Odorbuster deodorizer found at Korean markets and made specifically for kimchi refrigerators. Since our problem is a little more widespread, we are going to attempt this fix found on (another neat blog) A Year of Slow Cooking that we like to call “baking soda super stinker sucker .” Basically you just mix baking soda with water and heat it in a crock pot to absorb smells. Easy peazy… if you can find your crock pot, that is.